Joyful Reading for the Child of God


Young readers can read the Life of Jesus Christ and His Teachings in the tradition of the scriptural text as they are learning to read. 


Welcome!  You are loved!

The Love of Jesus Bible Reader Series is a Bible reading curriculum that invites young readers of all ages to engage the life of Jesus Christ and His teachings in the tradition of the scriptural text as they are learning to read.

The Reader presents simple gospel stories followed by questions and prayers with illustrations rooted in the Church’s history of art.  A multitude of secondary interactions is included to support the reading.




How the stories are presented.

Let’s Read. Think. Do. And make this book your own.


The Love of Jesus is formatted with a table of contents and page numbers.  It contains (1) 30 gospel stories (2) stained glass window illustrations to color, (3) questions, (4) prayers, (5) scripture references, (6) write and color spaces, (7) further scriptural New Testament reading plan for advancing readers (8) and a How to Use This Book section, incorporating a general lesson outline and Bible reading readiness methods with various language arts activities that may be adapted to the student’s creative modes of understanding. 

The stories are divided into six units (Jesus’ Birth, Miracles of Jesus, Jesus’ Healings, Jesus Loves People, Sayings of Jesus and The Risen Jesus) and offer the flexibility for independent learning or as a 36 week classroom course.  The lessons are self-contained in the book and can be expanded from five minutes to an hour, depending on the length and number of strategies implemented with no additional materials or prep time required.  

 Simply organized for parents and new teachers, the book equips: Individual learners, Family groups, Children’s Worship, Church School, Small groups, Bible Study classes, and Early elementary reading programs.


“Effective Christian teaching is not a matter of putting forth one curriculum over another; it is a matter of setting forth the Truth in a form that all persons can grasp. The Gospels were written in a way that the Truth can stand on its own, and there is a need to present that Truth to our children by letting them read and understand the Good News for themselves. The Love of Jesus Bible Reader Series is designed and authorized for this purpose. I hope you will utilize it to help you reach these young Christians.“
Maurice M. Benitez, sixth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.